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7 Food Waste Tips For ‘Back To School’ Season

Get your kids back to school and eating healthy


It is that time of year of books, uniforms and of course school lunches. Obeo are on hand to share their top tips for getting the kids school lunches sorted minus the stress or waste.


  1. Be aware of what is coming home uneaten. Send less of this stuff in to school and you’ll have less food waste coming home. But more importantly you’ll have a more nourished child coming home too.
  2. Roasting a chicken, pork or beef for dinner? Use the leftovers to make sandwiches to fill tomorrow’s lunchbox and all going well you might have enough for the following day’s sambos too.
  3. Pick the ripest fruit first. We all know it can be a quick dash packing the lunchbox and getting everything set for the school day. But try take the extra moment to look through the fruit and use up the most ripened piece first. This way you won’t end up with a sorry looking bunch (of fruit) at the end of the week because they’ll end up in the food waste bin which is a waste of food and money.
  4. Don’t experiment too much with kid’s lunches, experiments are just that, experiments. They are as likely to go wrong as they are to go right, leaving you with wasted food and a hungry child. It’s probably best to try new things at home as much as possible and play it safe when it comes to the school lunches. Our friends at ‘Bumbles of Rice’ explains, in this hilarious ‘back to school’ rant.
  5. Be aware that the food needs to last until lunchtime inside a lunchbox which is inside a schoolbag all morning. Most schools don’t provide a lunch fridge so be sure to consider this when choosing your lunchtime ingredients.
  6. Invest in good Tupperware that will seal and reseal without failing. You don’t want the sandwiches falling out and making an inedible mess in your little one’s schoolbag, nor do you want a lunchbox so big that the sandwich has too much room to move and again creates an unpalatable mess. You can also get some pretty nifty multi-compartment lunchboxes, which will allow you to fit the different foods in. This way there won’t be too much movement and everything is kept separated (because God forbid a strawberry touches the crust of a sandwich!)Ikea's clever lunchbox tupperware, perfect to stop food waste
  7. Include your child in the lunchbox preparations. Allow your little ones to be involved in the choice and the preparation of their lunch. This will lead to more success in your struggle for an empty lunchbox at the end of the school day.

For more food waste tips and guidance we recommend’s guide to back to school.