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5 Delicious Ways To Use Up Stale Bread

Stale bread can be yummy


When trying to reduce the amount of food we waste at home what better place to start than with bread, since bread is one of the most wasted grocery items in most homes today. There’s a ton of clever ways to save bread from the bin as we discussed before and here we have some delicious ways to use up stale bread.


Bread And Butter Pudding

Use up your stale bread and make a naughty bread and butter pudding with it. Turn those unpalatable slices of bread and turn them in to a sweet treat for the whole family to enjoy.
This ‘Love Food Hate Waste’ recipe won’t steer you wrong.


Chicken and Broccoli Bake

Have you taken our advice to turn your stale bread into breadcrumbs and freeze it? Well if you have pull them out of the freezer and go make this delicious and nutritious meal, which will use those breadcrumbs as the icing on the cake and really sets off the dish. Check out this Mummy Pages recipe to give you guidence.

stale bread recipe



The perfect meatball is tender, moist and not too heavy. How is this achieved? Using a binder such as those breadcrumbs you’ve made from stale bread, with a small bit of milk, will do the trick. Miz it up with the meat and other ingredients to make the perfect batch of meatballs (you can also apply the same principle to homemade burgers too). Click here to see a clear guide from The Kitchn.



Why not use your old stale bread to create a Tuscan classic, Ribollita. You can make a big pot and throw in some old bread with a magical combination of flavours to create this wholesome and hearty Italian delight. The Food Network have a great recipe here for you to use as a guide.


Ceaser Salad (with homemade croutons)

Use stale bread to make your own croutons. It’s pretty simple to do, just chop up the bread into squares, coat with a bit of oil and seasoning and toss them in the oven. You can keep them for a long time and have them on hand to add to soup or make this delicious salad, the classic Ceaser salad. Epicurious have a nice guide for you here.

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