Stop Wasting Bread And Keep It Fresh For Longer

How to waste less bread


Food waste is a big issue these days, reaching into mainstream television and government policy worldwide. It’s an issue that we are hearing a lot about, but what can we do? Well one thing most of us are guilty of is wasting bread. For example in the UK about 24 million slices of bread are thrown in the bin by families everyday. How many times have we found mould on our slice pan as we were prepared to go and make the ultimate sandwich, nightmare.


Luckily Obeo cares very much about food waste and have done the research. Here’s some tips and suggestions to reduce the amount of bread you waste.



    • Store it in cool, dry and airtight conditions. Exposure to moisture in the air is (surprisingly) what causes bread to go stale, while a mix of warmth and moisture will cause mould to thrive.
    • If you waste a lot of bread, then maybe buy less. Try smaller loaves or half pans, maybe?
    • Don’t put it in the fridge. While you’re likely to fight off mould by storing your bread in the fridge, you are however speeding up the staling process by storing it in moist conditions, in a process called Retrogradation.
    • Freeze it. So long as it’s sealed in, your bread will do fine in the freezer. You can defrost a pan again at room temperature within a 3-4 hours.
    • Stop buying sliced pans. Try to buy more unsliced loaves because most of the pan will have a crust protecting it from the air and therefore it would last longer than a sliced pan.
    • Turn it into breadcrumbs when it’s gone or beginning to go stale, then freeze the breadcrumbs. There’s loads of delicious recipes where breadcrumbs are used.
    • Take it out of the plastic wrapper and get it into a linen bread bag, or failing that use a paper wrap.

Waste less bread with a linen bread bag