7 Pumpkin Tricks or Treats

The spookacular power of pumpkin


In Autumn time the shops and markets have pumpkins in plentiful supply all across the UK and Ireland. We are buying up this large wholesome vegetable in a massive seasonal surge of sales, but as a food they are wasted as very few pumpkins sold will ever be eaten, just carved for Halloween decoration and then thrown out. This is such a shame considering the potential for so many great dishes and not to mention the nutritional and health benefits pumpkin can provide.


1. Save The “Ugly” Ones.

We all love to pick the perfect pumpkin to carve pumpkin for Halloween, but how about buying the less aesthetically pleasing ones too, save them from becoming food waste and try some of the amazing recipes in our points below.


2. Save The Seeds.

Don't waste the pumpkin seeds

When you’re carving your pumpkin and you empty the pulp out, be sure to save the seeds. Pumpkin seeds are very nutritious and are known to make you feel happy too!
That’s right, pumpkin seeds contain a mood enhancing amino acid called tryptophan which is important for the production of serotonin, which makes us feel good. Check out this flavour packed recipe from Beauty and The Beard for roasted pumpkin seeds that are sure to make you feel good.


3. Make Sure To Recycle Your Pumpkin.

Whether you’re eating it or just using it as a jack-o-lantern, all parts of the pumpkin are perfect for composting or for adding into your food waste bin. If you’re in a pay-per-weight waste area this will be very good to remember considering how much pumpkins can weigh and that the cost for your food waste recycling bin is far less.


4. Crock Pot Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

Retreat from a wet Autumn day with a hot cup of this tasty seasonal brew which combines coffee, frothy milk and pumpkin puree with some deliciously sweet and spicy flavours. See the recipe on the Thriving Home Blog.


5. Jamie’s Best Baked Pumpkin.

This is an Incredible recipe that really captures the season in this amazing ‘suitable for vegetarian’s’ dish. Roasted, flavoured pumpkin stuffed with nutty and fruity rice, with a combination of  flavours and ingrediants that are the absolute embodiment of Autumn. See Jamie’s guide here.


6. Pumpkin and Ginger Teabread.

We found this gorgeous sweet bread recipe on the BBC Good Food website. This would be nice with a hot cup of tea in your hands, while you look out on the winter setting in. Tip: Make loads and freeze it.


Pumpkin and Ginger bread recipe  Pumpkin soup made easy


7.  Simple Pumpkin Soup.

This House and Garden recipe only uses a few ingredients and is super simple to make. Have a look and try it yourself. Its a hearty soup, that is delicious and nutritious.


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