6 natural ways to avoid colds and flu this winter

Feeling under the weather?


Kate is feeling a little under the weather this week. Instead of reaching for the Lemsip she’s looking for natural alternatives to alleviate her cold flu symptoms. Here is what her research revealed….



Garlic is quite well known as a superfood, which boosts the number of t-cells in your bloodstream, thus improving your immune system. A great ingredient to eat as often as you can, any time of the year. It can also help you when you’re feeling under the weather in winter, due to it being a mighty antioxidant with antiviral and antibiotic properties too. It will go a long way in helping you flush a virus out of your body.

Chicken Soup
A delicious and nourishing hot drink, which is known to have a mucus-moving and an anti-inflammatory effect on the upper respiratory tract of a person. So basically it clears up your head, plus you get a whole bunch of vitamins and good stuff into your body too, at a time when eating solid foods may be difficult. Not only that, it contains a compound called ‘carnosine’ which actively fights infection in the body – although it’s effects are short lived. So try have a bowl daily while you’re suffering, to speed up your recovery. Why not lace your soup with garlic to get the extra benefits detailed above.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is the base ingredient of many an old wife’s remedy. It is said to be great for cleaning tough stains, deodorising a room, keeping your pet’s flea-free and weeding the garden as well as making a tasty salad dressing too. Well, it actually can help you when you have a cold virus. Because colds and flu cause the body to have a high level of acidity, apple cider vinegar can help you with this, due to it being a powerful alkalizing food.

Vitamin C
Despite popular opinion vitamin C has been proven not to be the magic cure of the common cold it had been made out to be. However it does help with the severity of symptoms and can shorten the length of your illness, a little bit. Interestingly, the best sources of vitamin C are actually not just the various citrus fruits we would commonly assume. But in-fact bell-peppers, leafy greens, kiwi fruit and broccoli have a far higher vitamin C content. So try eat some of these to up your intake of vitamin C.

With colds and flu comes upset stomachs and a lack of appetite in many people. Well ginger root can provide almost instant soothing relief to digestion upset. As well as this it’s loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and also helps to warm up your body, which is very useful for flushing out germs.

Honey is another amazing food for having a great amount of antioxidant, antiviral, and antibacterial nutrients, coupled with soothing effects. A spoonful down a sore throat a couple of times a day would be great, or in a hot water based drink possibly mixed with some of the other remedies listed here (apple cider vinegar, ginger, vitamin C).