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Kate’s Top 5 Easy To Grow Herbs

Kate’s Top 5 Easy To Grow Herbs

Nothing frustrates me more then going into a supermarket and seeing a wall of plastic containers each holding a tiny sprig of herb. I hate buying herbs for three main reasons. Firstly packaged herbs are a waste of plastic. Secondly, I never use up all the herbs I buy so half ends up as food waste. And finally supermarkets charge an extortionate price for something we could easily produce at home.



So today I am going to liberate you from the vicious cycle of supermarket herb buying. Whether you have a windowsill, a patio or a garden these are 5 handy herbs that will keep your meals tasty and save you money. Green fingers aren’t necessary. I know this because my fingers are far from green and I’ve managed to keep all of these alive over the past few years. So if I can do it, then you can definitely do it too.


Easily grow Oregano at home


Oregano. No tomato dish is complete without the trusted oregano. And, as you can see from the picture it seems to be a favourite of the insects too.  Described as hardy and adaptable there is not much you can do wrong here. They do like a little bit of sun and make sure to cut them back before they die down for winter.


Grow Rosemary yourself at home

Rosemary. It’s the perfect herb for roasting vegetables.  This Mediterranean shrub likes the sun and prefers well-drained soil. I’ve been particularly neglectful with my little plant yet it still keeps on thriving!


Grow Thyme easily yourself, at home

Thyme. In ancient times the Egyptians used Thyme oil for embalming. I prefer to use it along with Rosemary on my roasted vegetables or in a tomato soup! This little plant actually prefers not to be watered. Make sure to trim after flowering as it stops the stalks becoming to hard.



Grow your own mint at home.

Mint. Tea, salads, mojitos, the possibilities are endless. You’re only problem with mint is that it grows faster than you can eat it. Plant it in a pot or it will take over your whole garden and keep cutting it back as the old leaves can get a little tough.



Parsley is easy to grow. You can grow it yourself at home.

Parsley. Parsley is yummy with a curry. Much like the mint, it grows quickly and your biggest problem will be finding ways to eat it. It’s a bit of a favourite with the slugs too so watch out.


You will probably notice that I don’t have basil here. It is my favourite of all herbs, yet I have not managed to keep a basil plant alive for more then 1 month. So if anyone has any tips I’m all ears… (hello@weareobeo.com).