Eco-Friendly Travel Ideas

Getting around the city, eco style

Here is our guide to ditching the car and getting the most out of Dublin’s travel systems.

  1. City Bikes

    It’s such a simple and fantastic solution to getting around the city. Thankfully city bike schemes are in full-swing in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway. It gets you around quickly, it’s great exercise, it’s cost effective and great news for the environment. Why not take a bike next time you’re in the city.

    City Bikes Ireland

  2. The Dart

    You can zip up and down a big chunk of the east coast in a dart with this service. Using public transport is always better for the environment, over driving yourself, but with the dart service you can see the views of the east coast and stop off at some great spots along the way, like Mallahide, Howth, KIlliney, Bray and Greystone.

    The Dart Irish East Coast Rail LIne

  3. GoCar

    If you need to drive a car, have a look at In a similar model to the city bike schemes, GoCar place their vehicles at pick-up points and members can pick one up to take on their journey. There’s no need for all the regular bills associated with owing a car and you’re reducing the need for all the carparks and space used up by vehicles all over the place.

    Go Car Shared Car Service