3 Artisan Irish Cheeses

The worlds best cheese

Our lush green pastures lead to the worlds best dairy products so it is no wonder that we make some of the worlds best cheeses too… in our opinion of course!

  1. Sheridans Cheesemongers

    This company’s humble beginnings began at the Galway market, where brothers Seamus and Kevin Sheridan began to sell Irish farmhouse cheeses in 1995. In 1997 the brothers were joined by Fiona Corbett and an expansion began, when the Dublin Markets and their South Anne’s Street shop in Dublin’s city centre were established. Not only do they create and source a range of Irelands finest cheeses, as well as their European cousins too, but other artisan goods such as olive oils, chutneys and wines. They’ve even got a lovely range of crackers as well.
    Sheridans Irish Cheese

  2. Burren Gold

    Burren Gold cheese has to be the most interestingly placed cheesemonger in the country, maybe even the world. It plays its part as one of Ireland’s best known tourist destinations, the Aillwee Cave outside Ballyvaughan, Co. Clare. They produce a small range of award winning Irish cheeses from the cave and have done since 1985. If you can’t make it to the remote location of the Aillwee cave in Ireland’s deep west, then have a look out in specialist cheesemongers or order online to buy yourself a wheel or two.

    Burren Gold chees from the Aillwee Cave

  3. Carrigbyrne Farmhouse

    Carrigbyrne Farmhouse is situated in the sunny south east, just outside Adamstown, Co. Wexford. Founded by Paddy Berridge, who is armed with not only the experience of producing blue cheese in the kitchen of his family home with his mother as a young lad, but also with the experience of working along side an established producer who is acclaimed for his Camembert in Normandy, France. Now back in Wexford on his father’s dairy farm , he produces an array of fine cheeses and holds several awards for his craft too.
    Carigbyrne St. Killian Cheese