Food Waste Recycling- Getting The Basics Right

Finally a campaign that could get Ireland recycling their food waste.

For a campaign to be successful it relies on both legislative enforcement and grass roots cooperation. The brown bin roll out in Ireland is no exception to this rule. We’ve been working in this area for 3 years now and I’m always amazed at the number of people I meet who don’t have a brown bin or else don’t use it. Householders are confused about what can go into the brown bin and more importantly what can’t. They are put off by hearsay claims that their brown bin will harbour maggots or attract rats. But managed properly the brown bin can reduce your waste bill, keep food waste from landfill and even create a cleaner bin system by keeping food waste out of your black bin. A lot of people don’t know that their waste providers are obliged by law to provide them with a brown bin, so they simply don’t ask.

The government introduced the food waste legislation back in 2013, over 3 years ago! The lack of enforcement or education about the legislation is testament to why the participation levels with the brown bin are still so low.

Public cooperation is a powerful thing. I believe that arming people with the right information and support structures can transform us into a nation of food waste recyclers. That is why I was thrilled to see our three Regional Waste Offices join together and launch the Back To Basics campaign (#BK2Basics).

Taking inspiration from our grandparents’ generation of ‘waste not want not’ Back To Basics mission is to inspire people to reduce waste. The incentive for us is more money in our pockets and a healthier environment. Who wouldn’t buy into that?

Right now Bk2basics is focused on the brown bin. With a graphic ad campaign inspired by the 1950s housewife they have created a lively and fun campaign. Although slightly irked by the on going female housewife references (not surprising as I’m one of two female founders) I believe that, managed properly, this could be the campaign to get Ireland recycling their food waste.

So I implore anyone who does not yet have a brown bin to put pressure on your waste collector to provide one. Please use this handy waste collector letter outline below to send to your waste collector. For those of you that have a brown bin, but don’t use it for their food waste, please start today!

So let’s get behind this new campaign as we really do need to get back to basics.

Download: Waste collector brown bin request

Back to Basics is an initiative run by the three Regional Waste Offices for more information visit.


All images taken from the BK2Basics facebook page.

Brown bin vs black bin