How will the new bin charges affect me?

New Bin Charging Structure

It was confirmed today that a more flexible framework for waste collection charges has been approved by Government. The new arrangement gives waste collectors with the ability to continue to provide, or introduce, a range of incentivised pricing options to their customers and abolishes the mandatory Pay-By-Weight structure introduced by the government last year.



How will this new pricing affect me?

Right now we don’t know how this new pricing structure will affect each individual household. But we do know that waste collectors will no longer be allowed to charge households a flat-fee for their waste collection as this does not incentive recycling. Households can now be charged in a number of ways:


1. Standing charge with per bin lift charge

2. Standing charge with a per-kilogramme bin weight charge

3. Band weight or weight allowance charges


Essentially the government has given more power to the waste collector in terms of pricing structures so long as they are incentivising recycling over landfill. We don’t yet know whether this will mean an increase in our bin charging structure. But we’d encourage householders to actively shop around once they hear word from their waste collector in the coming weeks and do some price comparisons to get the best value.



There Are Some Positives

On a more positive note, the flat fee is now abolished which will encourage households to use their green and brown bins over that of their black bin. This has an overall beneficial impact on the environment as it means less waste will be placed in landfills or incinerated. Here at Obeo we always seek to reduce, re-use and recycle to lessen the amount of waste we produce and reduce our over-dependence on landfill.


Additionally, all households in localities with population density of 500 or more will now be legally required to have a brown bin (or prove that they home compost). If this includes you then please feel free to put pressure on your waste collector to provide you with a brown bin.


This policy could put pressure on supermarkets and shops to supply less packaging with their products as consumers will be more inclined to leave the excess packaging (especially the unnecessary packaging on fruits and vegetables) in the store. This is something Obeo would encourage. If charges for green bin collection increase, buying items with less packaging will become more of a priority, as we will be paying for its disposal.


Sometimes competition is a good thing. Now that it is a free market it gives the householder an opportunity to shop around. Let’s hope the waste collectors don’t take advantage of this!


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