4 Ways To Get Kids Interested In Recycling

 How to get kids interested in recycling


With the school term officially in full swing, what better time to get your kids interested in recycling. Schools across Ireland have been making an effort for years now to reduce the waste they produce in an effort to obtain a coveted green flag. Green Flag schools add eco-education to the curriculum in order to educate kids on the importance of caring for the environment.  16g of waste per person, per day, was diverted from landfill by students in Green-Schools during 2016! This is an amazing achievement but the key is to ensure these practices don’t go out the window once the school day is done. We’ve devised some simple ways to get your little ones to keep up the good work!

Lead by example

Education is key! While the kids are off getting their info in school it’s important for us parents to brush up on our own knowledge. Making sure that you put the right waste in the right bin encourages your kids to do the same. Set up a simple recycling system in the house. Getting your little ones into a recycling routine is key. Why not try using an Obeo box? Having one of these popped up on your kitchen counter is a fun, hassle free way to recycle food waste.


Reward them

Tying rewards to good deeds is something we all do as parents.  So why not try this with recycling? Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting giving your child a chocolate bar each time they put something in the correct bin! Simply developing a system to reward them for their efforts will keep them interested.


Start a compost bin

Getting your kids involved in composting is a great step toward a greener future. Setting up a composting heap at home is easier than you’d think. All you need is a little space, time and patience. You can read up on how to make one here. Get the kids involved in the end to end process.  You can have them toss vegetable scraps into the compost pile. Then once the compost is ready you can show them how it is used in the garden to help plants grow. This will help them to understand the benefits of recycling and what you can do to help protect the Earth.

Get crafty

Scrap materials can be used in a ton of ways. Allow children to “save” recyclable items that they can use such as aluminum cans, plastic bottles, or scrap paper. These items can be then used in a variety of fun activities. Old newspapers can be used to make paper mache. Used egg cartons make great biodegradable seed starters. Check out the most recent video on our Facebook page to find out how.


So try out some of these simple steps and be sure to let us know how you get on!