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Creating bags with a little less baggage


This week Obeo is adding a fashionable feature to the list in the form of sustainably produced bags. Mamukko is the brainchild of Hungarian brothers, Levente & Attila Magyar. The venture was born out of the desire to to produce beautifully designed leather goods in a sustainable manner. Mamukko is all about upcycling, creativity & passion! The brothers have carried on their family’s heritage as 4th generation creators & designers but have added a sustainable twist. The two operate out of their workshop and shop in Kinsale where they sell an eclectic and funky mix of handmade upcycled products.


Levente & Attila use traditional leather craftsmanship & skills inherited from their parents to upcycle their textiles. The bags are created using reclaimed ocean race sails, life-rafts, leather & other textiles.  They have won a number of awards for their designs including Best Upscaled Fashion Product Retailer in 2017. The brothers designs are not only visually stunning, they are each hand made in  small batches to ensure a truly unique piece. Using recycled fabric to some may sound limiting as you are constrained by the resource at hand. However, the brothers admit that they enjoy reinventing themselves, constantly coming up with new innovative ideas and products.


Here at Obeo diverting waste from landfill is something we are truly passionate about as is working toward a circular economy. On an individual level it is important to reduce the amount of waste we produce. The waste that we do produce should either be recycled or upcycled, where possible. Companies like Mamukko really show us that one man’s trash can become another man’s treasure & even more so it can become a sustainable business model. The creations which the duo make from discarded material  prove that sustainable fashion is both as aesthetically stunning & well crafted as any mass produced alternatives.



The range is unisex & includes a mix of totes, messengers and duffle bags. Prices start from as little as €85 and range to upwards of €400.  They can be purchased in-store & online but with new pieces being launched weekly, you’d better be quick!


*All images copyright of Mamukko Ltd.*