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Simple Ways to Reduce Avoidable Food Waste

Stalks, stems, shells, these are some of the most common food waste items. Often they aren’t seen as waste because we aren’t always entirely sure of how to use them or if they can be used in the first place. Producing some waste is inevitable for most of us. So reduction is key. We wanted to give you a new perspective on some of these commonly discarded items so that you can stop putting them in the bin and start putting them in your belly!

Strawberry Surprise

Strawberries are delicious but they don’t come cheap! When prepping your strawberries don’t discard the tops, put them aside. They can be used later in your water or even in vodka to give your drink a fruity flavor! Simply fill a glass with water, pop in your strawberry tops & leave sit for up to one hour. Et voilà, a refreshing, strawberry infused summer beverage.


Strawberry Food Waste



Reuse your Rinds

Fruit rinds, such as those on lemons & limes, can often find themselves going straight in the bin. Avoid wasting these by grating them up & popping into salads and smoothies. You can even throw them into a zip lock baggie and put them into the freezer. Orange rind can be used in jams and chutney. This part of the fruit should not be looked down on as it is super healthy, containing blood-building chlorophyll.


Lemon Food Waste


Leafy Leftovers

If like us you’re a fan of buying your veggies at the farmers market then you will be fairly familiar with leafy carrot tops. Getting carrots like this is such a treat because they feel so wholesome & fresh! Despite their aesthetic appeal most of us simply discard the leafy part of the carrot as we’re just not quite sure what to do with it. But wait, hold onto those gorgeous greens & use them to make pesto. Carrot greens add a herby bitterness to a classic basil-based pesto. So chop them up and chuck them in! Check out the full recipe here.


Food Waste Carrot


Eggcellent Idea

Crushed eggshells add extra drainage and calcium to your soil. Simply dry them out, crush them up and mix them into your soil. They also can be used to deter snails & slugs by sprinkling them around the base of your plants. Eggshells can also be used for a number of fun projects for your little ones. Check out this video on how to make watercress egg heads. This is a fun and rewarding activity for kids of any age!


Food Waste Eggshells


Tasty Tomato Tops

Use your tomato tops to add extra flavour to soups as suggested in this delicious recipe by Jamie Oliver.  You can also add tomato leaves to dishes.  Tomato leave contain certain enzymes and oils that give them a very strong “fresh tomato” aroma. Adding just a few of the leaves to a pot of pasta helps boost the flavour.



Stalk-ing About Leftovers

The stalks from veggies like broccoli and cauliflower make for the perfect addition to soups and broths. They can also be roasted in the same fashion as their floret counterparts. Simply slice up, season and roast in the oven for 25 minutes. Once they are ready sprinkle  some Parmesan cheese over top  and serve. Check out the full recipe here.





Hopefully some of these ideas will inspire you to be more crafty with your leftovers. If you have any more to add be sure to tweet us @weareobeo or message us on Facebook. We can’t always save everything and some things will inevitably end up in the bin. If this happens be sure to compost the waste and divert it from landfill. Looking into composting at home? Check out our blog post on the things you may need to consider here. If you have a brown bin why not try out one of our Obeo boxes, which allow for fuss free food waste recycling? You can purchase these here!