These deliciously sustainable snacks help to fight food waste & your cravings!

Deliciously sustainable snacks help fight food waste & your cravings!


Here in Obeo our aim is to tackle the ever growing food waste problem by encouraging people to recycle. To date we have managed to divert  an estimated 775,000KG of food waste from landfill. Luckily we are not alone in this fight. There are a number of other amazing companies who are coming up with innovative ways to tackle this ever growing issue. Over the next few months we will be selecting our favorites  to feature on our blog.

First up we have Snact, a super cool food brand from the UK. These guys caught our attention on social media a while back with their fun and energetic approach to the topic of food waste. We have been following their journey ever since & were even lucky enough to team up with them for a fantastic giveaway which you can find over on our Instagram page now!


What the Snact is this?


Every day huge amounts of food get wasted unnecessarily, for all the wrong reasons. Wrong shape, wrong size, wrong place, wrong time…. Snact helps tackle that by using some of this perfectly edible food to make great snacts. This is something which they call Snactivism.


Snact is the brainchild of co-founders Michael and Ilana who founded the company back in 2013. The two had been long time friends but decided to go into business together when they discovered their shared passion for food and sustainability. They quit their jobs & began making sustainable fruit jerky in a rented kitchen in Hackney.


Initially they went around London by bike (extra sustainability points 😉 ) to various wholesale markets at the end of the trading day & gathered any produce that would have been discarded by the sellers. They also went directly to the source gathering fruit from farmers which would have been considered unfit for retail.

Snactivisim in Action


A successful crowdfunding campaign which was launched in 2014 allowed them to produce their first large batch of product. The first packs were launched into shops at the end of 2015. Since then they have grown and expanded and are now stocked in supermarket chains & independent retailers across the UK.


Food that is snact-ually good for you & the environment!


Their range now includes Fruit Jerky made from discarded apples which comes in 3 delicious flavors, blueberry, raspberry and mango. They also recently added banana bars to their line up which aim to tackle the 1.4 million bananas which are wasted in the UK everyday! That figure is truly eye watering 😢 . Their products are vegan, gluten free and are free from additives and preservatives. What’s even better is that their packaging is 100% home compostable meaning nothing ends up going to landfill. Now that definitely gets a massive thumbs up from us.


So if you are interested in getting your hands on some of their delicious product be sure to check out our competition. Alternatively you can purchase their products online at or on Amazon.


When it comes to fighting food waste every little helps! If there are any businesses/ individuals out there that you think deserve a feature let us know by tweeting us @weareobeo or messaging us on our Facebook page.