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Upclycling in your Garden

With the average family producing approximately 600 kgs of non-recyclable waste per year, it’s important for us, as both individuals & a society, to play our part in reducing this figure. Reduction is key, followed then by reuse and finally recycling. A zero waste lifestyle isn’t suited to all of us however there are some simple steps we can make toward leading a more waste free lifestyle.

This week we are focusing on upcycling in the garden. Upcycling essentially involves using would be waste materials to create something new. Upcycling materials can make for a fun project for people of all ages. We have rounded up some of our favourite uplcycling projects for you down below. If you decide to give one a go be sure to tweet us a picture of your fabulous creation @WeAreObeo.


1. Sweet Pea Bicycle Trellis 


This amazing creation comes straight from Kate’s own garden. These are so simple to make yet create such a beautiful feature in your garden. Taking Germany as an example, over 10 million bicycle tires and inner tubes are disposed of every year. Divert your old tyres from landfill and  instead mount them proudly on your garden wall. Painting them with non-toxic paint can help to add a pop of colour to typically drab walls and fences.

2. Piping Planters

Upcycling Piping


Discarded piping can be used as beautiful planters like the ones shown in the above photo from the BBC Good Food Show. These make for a great alternative to plastic pots & look really cool too.

3. Can Containers

Upcycling Tin Can

Tin cans can be used for a number of upcycling activities but this has to be one of our favorites. Not only are you reusing the can you are using it to grow a new plant! To do this simply clean out the tin & coat with non toxic paint. You can then mount them on different surfaces or just leave them out on your windowsill.

4. Pallet Hanging Garden


Shipping pallets are one of the most upcycled items out there. Wood itself is biodegradable and can be recycled. However, it is always better to reuse and upcycle an item where possible as this helps to limit its carbon footprint. Panels make for great bed frames & coffee tables. They can also make great additions to the garden like the outdoor hanging frame as seen above.



5. Shiraz-zy Signs

Wine Cork Signs


Leftover wine corks laying about? Why not turn these guys into a fabulously efficient garden labeling system. This way you can navigate your way around your garden with ease. Simply scribble down the name of the plant/ herb with a marker, pop on top a popsicle stick & dot around the garden.



Happy Upcycling!



Sarah 🙂