The fight to keep Obeo in your kitchen

Join the customer campaign to save our little food waste box.


In May of this year myself and Liz, made the difficult decision to cease trading. Our problem was cashflow, the same thing that kills so many start up companies. Obeo wasn’t bankrupt, we  had the funds to run the company or put in another production run but not enough to do both. We really felt that we had exhausted all options and so in June of this year we informed our customers that Obeo would be shutting down. Nothing could  prepare us for what happened next.


We began to receive email after email from our customers expressing both their disappointment about Obeo’s closure and outlining the impact Obeo has had on their households recycling. It was quite overwhelming really, we have always believed in Obeo but we never knew the extent to which Obeo customers shared our passion.


Then fate intervened and as I  was responding to the influx of customer emails I received a call from past mentor, Cody Mayoh. Not only was he was a strong believer in the company but he’d also been an Obeo subscriber from the very beginning. Once he heard about the customer reaction to the news he began working with us to save Obeo.


Cody’s plan was simple, “If customers want Obeo then why not ask them to pay-in-advance, if you reach the target for the production costs then you are back in business”.


He was right, we had to give it one last shot.  So we set to work and Obeo’s ‘customer’ funding campaign was born. This gives Obeo users the opportunity to pay-in-advance for a year’s supply of Food Waste Boxes. The campaign launched on July 24th and is already well on its way to reaching it’s goal (thanks to the support and loyalty of all our customers). If the target is not met in 30 days then all customers will be issued a full refund.


It is looking likely that in the coming months Obeo will be reunited with kitchens all around Ireland.


So, if you’d like to learn more or want to support Obeo’s campaign please go to our shop page or email us at

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