Are tea bags compostable? Obeo answers your questions

Are Tea Bags Compostable?

There has been quite a bit of press around teabags lately, leaving many people wondering “are tea bags compostable?”. Until recently, most of us thought (myself included) that you could compost tea bags. Then, we discover that most brands of tea bag contained plastic. This plastic could be in the ‘bag’ part of the tea […]

win a week of free dinners

My DropChef Experience and a Chance to Win a Week of Free Dinners!

To mark the beginning of a very exciting collaboration between DropChef and Obeo. Our friends very kindly send us a box of their 3 dinner family plan with a half bottle of vino to boot. For those of you who don’t know,  DropChef are an Irish company that takes the hassle and stress out of eating […]

obeo Image interiors

Finalist in the Image Interiors Product of the Year Awards!

We are thrilled that our very own Obeo Food Waste Bag is a finalist in the IMAGE INTERIORS product of the year awards 2019! Sustainability is a big theme this year and we are up against some serious Irish talent – Cupan Cre’s hand crafted reusable coffee cup, Cloon Keen’s transatlantic candle and Easca Irish […]

Guest Blog: How To Have A Sustainable Wedding

A person’s wedding day should be the happiest day of their life – and we’re not here to ruin that for you. We all know weddings carry huge monetary costs, but very few people consider the environmental costs of a wedding. A recent study of the environmental cost of Irish weddings was a real eye-opener […]

Eco friendly lifestyle tips

How To Live More Sustainably: Top 6 Changes at Home for an Eco Friendly Lifestyle

Plastic Free July has officially come to a close. Last month saw people from all over the world make a conscious effort to reduce their use of plastic products and live a more eco friendly lifestyle. Social media was awash with #plasticfreejuly highlighting the efforts of individuals worldwide in their move away from single-use plastic. So […]

compostable packaging understanding terminology compost biodegradable degradable

Compostable Packaging – Separating the ‘Green’ from the ‘Greenwash’

There is a lot of confusion around compostable packaging, so much so that we think it deserves it’s own write-up. This piece aims to fill in some of the information gaps around organic material and compostables, to empower us to make more informed purchasing decisions. What is Compostable Packaging Made From? In short, compostable packaging […]

Plastic recycling tips

5 Tips on Plastic Recycling and How to Reduce Plastic Pollution Once and for All

Obeo’s previous blog post looked at plastics and outlined the effect of plastic pollution both on our health and on the environment. This week we take a look at how to manage the plastic waste that comes into our homes and how to reduce plastic pollution. If we are serious about tackling global warming then we […]

plastic pollution

The Problem of Plastic (a Short Summary)

The fundamental problem with plastic is that it is so damn handy. So handy in fact that it’s impossible to imagine a world without it. The second problem with plastic is that it is a manufacturers dream. Plastic is cheap to produce, lightweight and very adaptable. Unfortunately, we now know that it’s the earth and […]