At Obeo we believe that people are the key to creating a sustainable future. Collectively the small changes we make in our daily lives can amount to large scale positive results for the environment. From rising greenhouse gas emissions, microplastics in our drinking water and plastic pollution in the oceans, there is no doubt that we are in a climate crisis.

It is time to take action and Obeo is here to help. We need to turn away from single-use, non-recyclable, toxic products and move towards a circular economy. By choosing sustainable kitchen products based on the principles of reducing, reusing and recycling we can each play an active role in looking after our environment.

Obeo customers are part of something bigger. Every pack of Obeo that our customers use diverts 10kg of waste from landfill, so they’re helping to save the world, one little compostable bag at a time.

We offer a range of minimal, reusable and sustainable kitchen products that help reduce our environmental impact. Explore the range now (link to shop)!


All our products are carefully chosen to meet the highest quality standards for you and the environment. Our philosophy on reusable products is to buy it once and have it for life. That is why all our reusable products are made from high-quality natural materials, such as glass, stainless steel and wood. Where possible, we avoid plastic and mixed materials that cannot be easily recycled at the end of their life.

Our single-use compostable products such as compostable bags, paper sandwich bags and more are independently certified and can be recycled back into the biological economy either through home composting or a brown bin.


We cherish the three principles of sustainability; environment, ethics and economy. For this reason, we hold all of our suppliers to the same high sustainability standards that Obeo compostable bags adhere to. Not only do we source the most environmentally sustainable kitchen products but we also ensure that the companies behind the products meet high ethical standards too. If you have questions on any of our suppliers please get in touch today (link email).


Obeo combines the letter ‘o’, which represents a cycle, and the Irish word ‘beo’, which means ‘life’. Together in the word Obeo, they symbolise the continuous life cycle of food waste or, as we like to call it, The Food Loop.



Recycling food waste can be pretty gross. We all know it’s the right thing to do and soon, most of us will have to do it, but that doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Using a caddy or bioplastic bag to collect vegetable peelings, leftovers and food scraps can quickly become a smelly, sloppy job.

Friends Kate & Liz knew that there absolutely had to be a better way which is why they invented Obeo Compostable bags for Food Waste. After 4 years of building Obeo Liz decided to move on to other things. Luckily for Kate, she’s still a big part of the company and only ever a phone call away.

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When Kate was a kid, her resourceful family recycled and upcycled, long before it was cool and trendy. At the same time, Liz’s parents grew all their vegetables, recycled the family’s food waste and made their own compost. So it’s no surprise that they both always had a keen interest in the environment.

Kate and Liz met by chance in 2010 and really hit it off. So they set about building their first business, a successful homewares design studio called Klickity. That’s when they had the idea to  do something more. Kate and Liz set off on their journey to try to change the world, a few kilos of food waste at a time.

The sustainably driven entrepreneurs dreamt up the answer to hassle-free food waste disposal,  compostable bags that were:

  • Mess-free
  • Smell free
  • Leak-free
  • Stylish
  • Compostable
  • Sturdy

Turns out that making such a simple product is a pretty complicated job. It took two years. The first prototype was made from glued-together newspaper and was too labour-intensive. The next prototype couldn’t cope with wet waste. The one after that was too expensive to produce.

But the final prototype was pretty much perfect. Not too costly for customers, strong enough to cope with whatever food waste was thrown in it, good-looking enough to be on show in any kitchen.



All Kate and Liz had to do now was find a manufacturer who believed in Obeo as much as they did. They scoured the planet, tried hundreds of manufacturers but didn’t have much luck, until a forward-thinking company in the UK said a big, enthusiastic ‘Yes’ to making Obeo compostable food bags.

Once Obeo compostable bags were in production, they started to fly off supermarket shelves straight away. Soon, the team could hardly keep up with demand!



Everyone who tries Obeo loves it because it works. It’s easy-to-use, sturdy and holds up to 2kg of food waste. It’s water-resistant and closes tight so it keeps those nasty smells locked away. It’s bye bye to smells, mess and bin juice, and hello to fuss-free recycling.

It’s bye bye to smells, mess and bin juice, and hello to fuss-free recycling.


Kate put her theories into action when she founded Obeo, a successful Irish start-up focused on tackling the problems around food waste recycling at home and in the office.
By taking a user-focused design approach, Obeo Food Waste Compostable Bags aim to make sustainable actions accessible to all.

Kate’s qualifications include a BDes in Industrial Design and an MA in Design Sustainability both from The National College of Art and Design. She is also the founder of Klickity, an award-winning homeware design company and has industry experience working as a packaging designer in London.

As well as running a successful online company, ObeoLiving.com, Kate offers a range of engaging talks and workshops designed to empower people to take small steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Book an interactive learning session on Sustainable Living for your organisation, school or conference today!

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