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Obeo Food Waste Box

3 Boxes - €3
Trial Pack
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1 week's recycling
Fits through letterbox


30 Boxes - €23
Only €23 every 3 months
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30 Boxes - €26
Single Order
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2-3 day's use per box
Up to 3 months of recycling

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Pack-Size: 3 Bags Strong and durable paper garden waste sacks that are easy to fill and won't tear.


Pack-Size: 48 bags Greaseproof, fully compostable paper bags that are a healthy alternative to plastic.


Pack-Size: Single Pad Loofah is the natural, more durable alternative to synthetic scouring pads.


Removes stubborn foods without damaging cooking surfaces.


Natural alternative to the plastic dish brush, perfect for getting your dishes squeaky clean.


Wood and natural fibre replacement head for when your dish brush gets a bit tired.