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Are tea bags compostable? Obeo answers your questions

Are Tea Bags Compostable?

There has been quite a bit of press around teabags lately, leaving many people wondering “are tea bags compostable?”. Until recently, most of us thought (myself included) that you could compost tea bags. Then, we discover that most brands of tea bag contained plastic. This plastic could be in the ‘bag’ part of the tea […]

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Compostable Packaging – Separating the ‘Green’ from the ‘Greenwash’

There is a lot of confusion around compostable packaging, so much so that we think it deserves it’s own write-up. This piece aims to fill in some of the information gaps around organic material and compostables, to empower us to make more informed purchasing decisions. What is Compostable Packaging Made From? In short, compostable packaging […]