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Compostable Packaging – Separating the ‘Green’ from the ‘Greenwash’

There is a lot of confusion around compostable packaging, so much so that we think it deserves it’s own write-up. This piece aims to fill in some of the information gaps around organic material and compostables, to empower us to make more informed purchasing decisions. What is Compostable Packaging Made From? In short, compostable packaging […]

Obeo’s Guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Composting

Obeo’s Guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Composting We’re on a bit of a composting kick recently. So this week we decided to bring you a little do’s and dont’s list. Knowing what and what not to put in your home composter, will help to ensure that you achieve best results. Composting can often […]

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Things to Consider Before Getting a Composter

Things to Consider Before Getting a Composter   In last weeks blog post we discussed the issues surrounding food waste and the ways in which you can help to reduce it. When it comes to waste, reduction is key, followed then by re-use and finally recycling. Recycling your food waste has become far more accessible […]

Hear about the business women who use Obeo

Hear about the business women who use Obeo. We have met lots of inspiring business women over the last number of years since launching Obeo. So imagine how awesome it is for us when we find out that they actually use Obeo food waste box in their homes or businesses. We get so excited we do […]

How will the new bin charges affect me?

New Bin Charging Structure It was confirmed today that a more flexible framework for waste collection charges has been approved by Government. The new arrangement gives waste collectors with the ability to continue to provide, or introduce, a range of incentivised pricing options to their customers and abolishes the mandatory Pay-By-Weight structure introduced by the government […]

Food Waste Facts

Food Waste Facts – Some Shocking Food Waste Statistics

Shocking Food Waste Statistics Our food waste has gotten so bad that we here at Obeo had to compile this short list of food waste facts. We’ve read loads of material on this subject and seen some jaw-dropping food waste statistics in our time. So, we decided to pick out some food waste facts that […]

Ways to recycle food waste in brown recycling bin

Food Waste Recycling: 5 Ways to Recycle Food Waste

Where does our food waste go? We explore ways to recycle food waste What happens to our brown bin full of garden and food waste once the waste collector picks it up from our house? Where does the it go and how is it recycled. Finally, your food waste recycling questions are answered. Here are […]